Gold Purity Testing Machine

Digital Electronic Gold Densimeter

Cooldo gold purity testing machine combine Archimedes principle with micro electronic technology,equipped with Germany sensor,the purity can be calculated through measuring density of precious metals.features of Non-destructive on sample,simple operation,fast and accurate.Distinguish and measure K value of gold,PT value of platinum,density value and purity .


1. Percentages of purity:6K~24K
2. Testing Time: 10seconds
3. Fast,Accurate,Non-destructive

Description of Gold Purity Testing Machine

Assessing the purity of  precious metal such as gold,silver,platinum,copper etc by measuring the specific gravity of the sample, and distinguish the real precious metal form the fake material.

Feature of gold electronic densimeter

  • 1. Quickly measure the purity of precious metal,such as gold,platinum,silver.Distinguish if the object is fake or true.
  • 2. Non-destructive testing, environmental Freindly and cleaning.
  • 3. Testing time approx 10 seconds,convenient, stable and accurate.
  • 4. Multi-pattern,gold pattern,silver pattern,platinum pattern,other precious metals pattern can be sett up.
  • 5. Multi-function: purity of precious metal will be measured,such as copper,zinc,silver, also can be used as precision balance.
  • 6. Function of top and bottom limitation,it can display OK,HI,LO in the state of qualified,exceed,less.Prompt alarm.
  • 7. Function of automatic zero tracking,buzzer warning,and overload warning.
  • 8. Function of solution compensation.Either water or other liquids can be used as medium.
  • 9. Adopt the completed high-capacity measuring accessories with the transparent injection mould tank,which can resist wear,fall off,and corrosion.
  • 10. Equipped with special wind and dust cover,the structure will be more convenient and durable.
  • 11. Connector of RS-232C is included.DE-40 printer is available to connect Competer or machine
  • Application of gold purity tester/analyzer

  • Cooldo range of advanced Precious metal Testers are the fundamental tools for the jewellry industry, jewelry stores,gold & precious metal test center, pawn shops and bank for accurate determination of density, purity and carat of gold, silver and platinum.
  • application-of-precious-metal-tester

Technical Parameter of Glod Karat tester

Model SCH-300K SCH-600K SCH-900K SCH-1200K SC-300K SC-600K SC-900K SC-1200K SCE-


Maximum weight 300g 600g 900g 1200g 300g 600g 900g 1200g 120g 200g
Weight resolution 0.005g 0.005g 0.01g 0.01g 0.005g 0.005g 0.01g 0.01g 0.001g 0.001g
Density resolution 0.001g/cm3
Testing time 10S
Testing board Completed high-capacity plastic testing board
Measuring type Platinum and gold jewelry,bracelet,necklace,ring,craft,large bullion and other precious metal,gold,silver,copper,cadmium,nickel,tin.etc.

Gold mode


Display k value

The K value of mixture of gold,copper and silver;

The K value of mixture of gold and copper;

The K value of mixture of gold and silver;


Display purity percent

The purity percentage of mixture of gold,copper and silver ;

The purity percentage of mixture of copper can gold;

The purity percentage of mixture of silver and gold;

K value range 9K-24K
Silver and gold proportion setting Cycle seting(default 7:3)


Display value Density value,PT percent,volume
 Range of PT value Pt600 – Pt1000
Other Precious Metals Function Only for SC series and SCEseries:measure the purity percentage of main materials in two kinds of mixture
Display value Only for SC series and SCE series:density value,volume,content precentage
setting Only for SC series and SCE series:density value of main materials and secondary materials setting
Measuring container completed injection forming transparent professional measuring tank

Dimension:16.9mm×9.8mm×8.3mm(length *width*height)

Parameter setting measuring medium density setting,water temperature setting
principle principle of Archimedes theory
Memory method Two procedures
Correction method Auto calibration with one key,auto detection.
Output method Output and print testing data conveniently with standard communication interface of RS-232C.
Standard accessories Host,test board,tank,thermometer,wind and dust cover,tweezer,a set of measuring particle parts,weight,power transformer,a set of measuring floating body parts.
dust cover and wind Adopt the unicase dedicated dust cover and wind
Option accessories DE-40 printer
power AC 100V – 240V(Europe standard)
Features Easy operation,accurate measuring,digital display,durable,stable.

Gold Purity Testing Machine work on site.


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