Controlled Atmosphere Furnace

Atmosphere Laboratory Box Furnace

COOLDO GF Series atmosphere box furnace designed for materials sintering under inert gas atmosphere with temperatures from 1100 ºC - 1700 ºC. The furnace consists of high-quality alumina fiber bricks and according with different temperature use the different heating elements ( Resistance wire, silicon carbide rod, Silicon molybdenum rods, molybdenum wire etc.). A vacuum-sealed steel chamber with air cooling as well as the vacuum & gas flow control system enables material processing and the temperature can rise up to 1000ºC within 40 minutes.


1. Temperature:1100℃ -1700℃
2. Inert gas: H2,Ar,N2,O2,CO,NH3 and so on.
3. Chamber tempertaure stability:±1℃(basis on meter).
4. Heating elements: Resistance wire, Silicon molybdenum rods, molybdenum wire etc.

Description of Controlled Atmosphere Box Furnace:



1. Temperature controller: Shimaden FP93 40/30 segment temperature controller with PID  Intelligent adjustment
2. Door limit switch: Power source cut off as soon as open the door.
3. Chamber: The material used from USA, good performance of heat preservation, high reflectivity
4. Heating elements:This furnace is installed with excellent Kanthal resistance wire
5. Leakage air switch: Automatically cut off the power as soon as the electricity leak or current exceed rated current.
6. Controlling system: a, Power control: Chint; b, Controlled silicon: Germany Semikron 106/16E; c, Trigger: Phase-shift trigger
7. Gas system: floating flow meter or digital flow meter is for option to control gas Speed.
8.  Vacuum system: Pre-vacuuming can help remove air in the chamber quickly. and the Vacuum level can arrive 10-1 or 10-4 with German molecular pump. (the TW-1.5 vacuum pump is for option)
9, Sealing system: sealing by O type silica gel seal ring,which can make the pressure gage no change within 8 hours.

Parameter of Controlled Atmosphere Laboratory Furnace:


Model Power
Chamber Size
 Thermocouple Heating
GF11Q-B-I 2.5 220 280x180x100 1100 K Kanthal resistance wire 20℃/min 40 segments
GF11Q-B-Ⅱ 4 221 280x180x180
GF11Q-B-Ⅲ 5 222 280x230x230
GF11Q-B-Ⅳ 9 380 380x280x280
GF11Q-B-Ⅳ 16 381 480x360x360
GF11Q-Ⅰ 2.5 220 300X200X120 1100 K Kanthal resistance wire 20℃/min 30 segments
GF11Q-Ⅱ 4 220 300X200X200
GF11Q-Ⅲ 5 220 300X250X250
GF11Q-Ⅳ 9 380 400X300X300
GF11Q-Ⅴ 15 380 500X400X400
GF11Q-VI 18 380 500X500X500 1200
GF14Q-Ⅰ 3 220 160X150X150 1400 S silicon carbide rod 20℃/min 30 segments
GF14Q-Ⅱ 5 220 200X200X200
GF14Q-Ⅲ 7 220 300X200X200
GF14Q-Ⅳ 9 380 300X250X250
GF14Q-Ⅴ 13 380 400X300X300
GF14Q-VI 18 380 500X400X400
GF16Q-Ⅰ 3 220 160X150X150 1600 B Silicon molybdenum rods
or molybdenum wire
20℃/min 30 segments
GF16Q-Ⅱ 5 220 200X200X200
GF16Q-Ⅲ 7 220 300X200X200
GF16Q-Ⅳ 9 380 300X250X250
GF16Q-V 13 380 400X300X300
GF16Q-VI 21 380 500X400X400
GF17Q-Ⅰ 3 220 160X150X150 1700 B Silicon molybdenum rods 20℃/min 30 segments
GF17Q-Ⅱ 5 220 200X200X200
GF17Q-Ⅲ 7 220 300X200X200
GF17Q-Ⅳ 9 380 300X250X250
GF17Q-Ⅴ 21 380 400X300X300