Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnace

Aluminum Heat Treat Furnace

COOLDO aluminum solution heat treat furnace is designed a work grid located on the platform feeded from the bottom to the chamber through the electrically extractor mechanism. The chamber have a high capacity recirculation blower equipped along with fully enclosed & pressurized ducts, which can delivers heated air with a combination airflow throughout the chamber and ensure the excellent temperature uniformity to each workpiece.


1), Rated Temperature: 650 °C
2), Temperature acurracy: ±1
3), Transfer time of quenching: 8-12 seconds (adjustable )
4), Quenching Liquid temperature: 60-90 °C.

Description Industrial Furnace for Aluminum Quenching process:



Parts are loaded into the drop bottom furnace on a work grid located on the rollers (quench platform). An electric pusher/extractor mechanism pulls the load into the furnace for solution heat treating. After the heating cycle is completed, the pneumatically operated vertical lift door is manually opened and the extractor mechanism pushes the load onto the quench platform and then the load is quenched.

Chamber structure:
the wall use the 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat resisting steel plate, the lining used all fiber, and furnace surface of inside used a rubber asbestos plate for thermal insulation and anti-corrosion
Heat element:
Made by 0Cr25AL5 alloy resistance wire.
Furnce door:
The frame made by steel plate and inside used all fiber structure.
About the sealing:
Using the aluminum silicate refractory fiber for sealing between the door and furnace body
Lifting system:
Equipped with two lifter.
Quenching batch:
The deep of batch should be 1.5 times higher then the basket, and the temperature of quenching liquid can be adjusted.

Parameter of Aluminum Heat Treatment Furnace:


Item  Power 
Phase Voltage
Zone size
Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnace 45 3 380 600 Ø600×1200
50 3 380 600 Ø600×1600
55 3 380 600 Ø800×1000
60 3 380 600 Ø800×1200
70 3 380 600 Ø800×1600
75 3 380 600 800x800x1200
85 3 380 600 Ø1000×1300
90 3 380 600 900x900x1300
95 3 380 600 1000x1000x1200
120 3 380 600 Ø1300×1900
120 3 380 600 1200x1200x1400
150 3 380 600 1400x1400x1800
240 3 380 600 1500x2000x2500
360 3 380 600 Ø900×800
420 3 380 600 Ø1300×10000

Drop Bottom Solution heating furnace on site:



Industrial Aluminum Heating Furnace Feature:


1), High load capacity ideal for a wide range of aluminum solution heat treating applications
2), Automated controls available for easier operation
3), Fully factory assembled and tested prior to shipment to reduce installation and start-up time
4), Uniformity temperature for equipping the High capacity recirculation blower and Combination airflow through oven chamber
5), Quench tank water agitation pump with distribution manifold
6), All limit switch installed for safety operation

Application of Aluminum Solution Heating Machine:



Application:   For energy-saving cycle furnace ,is mainly used for aluminum alloycastings, aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum alloy wheel hub, aluminum wire, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum alloy mesh plate, piston and so on to carry on the aging heat treatment under high temperature condition.

Industrial Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnace Video:


Aluminul heating furnace vedio

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