Copper Rod Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine

Copper Tube / Rod Continuous Casting Machine Brief:


Copper Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine is a  production lines for producing the copper rod, copper tube, copper bar, copper plate, copper billet, copper wire, copper strip etc. And This production lines are widely service for the industries like produce the electric wire, cable, electron, lockmaking, water heating equipments, refrigeration.

copper casting simple process

Model CDO-0.15T CDO-0.3T CDO-0.5T CDO-0.75T CDO-1.0T CDO-1.5T CDO-3.0T
Capacity (T) 0.5 0.8 1.5 1.8 2 2.5 5
Power (KW) 45 75 120 185 240 400 600
Frequency(HZ) 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Temperature(℃) 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Melting Rate (T/H) 320 310 300 290 290 280 280
Comsuption(KW.H/T) 80 100 150 200 250 500 800

Brass rod Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine on site:


The Copper rod horizontal Continuous Casting Machine is a melting and holding furnace with a cooler, together with graphite die and cooler assembly and run out track with withdrawal machine and cut-off device. Molten copper flows from the crucible into the graphite casting die which is cooled with the help of a highly efficient cooling jacket. Water-cooled graphite dies are attached horizontally to the holding crucible. During the continuous casting operation copper flows into the graphite casting die where it solidifies. The solidified strands are intermittently withdrawn by the withdrawal equipment.

copper casting machine picture

Bronze Tube Casting Process Presentation:


Production Line

Melting furnace/ holding furnace:
Melting furnace is vertical structure and welded by steel plate, and the furnace consists of furnace body, inductor, tilting furnace system, electrical control. and about the Holding furnace, which  is used for thermal insulation and traction. The holding furnace can be used separately, also can be used with melting furnace together.

Distance between two wheels can be adjusted; available For dimension 10-65mm copper; Adjustable tracting speed; To tract the copper straightly, improving the production and quality.

Cutting machine
Titighen the copper both the vertical and horizontal direction; High cutting efficiency and precision; Automative collection of the cutting slag; Low-voltage on the control cabinet for safe operation.

Peeling machine
Hydraulic motivation for sending; Widely use for pipe, bar, flat, and irregular metal.

Copper Continuous Casting Machine application:


The continuous casting machines are used for the manufacture of copper alloy, brass, bronze and zinc bars, tubes, sections, strip, brass rod, brass forging rod etc.

copper casting machine application

Upward Copper Continuous Casting Machine Video:


Upward copper casting machine