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we have two production facilities in shanghai and zhejiang province which are close to the port.We can provide you the high quality product with the factory price including the excellent aftersales service.

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Provided turnkey solution

We offers the complete turnkey solution for metallurgical, Foundry &metal forming Industry,We design the plant, manufacture machine and install & commission. we Can also Provide the professional teams to run the factory till it profit for you.

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who we are

Strict Quality Control System

Before Being dispatched from our factory all of our equipment will undergo a series of strict test,i ncluding the appearance quality test, voltage electrical test, aging test also the package strength checking.

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Professional after sales service

Our teams provide the onsite installation , commissioning, and aftersale service, During one year warranty time, all the maintenance is free,And We also develop our onliner emote installation &commission system.

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You will be offered professional one-stop-solution to boost your business

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What We Do

Iron/Steel Melting Furnace

Induction Steel/iron melting furnaces are very popular in steel mills and foundries.The Melting capacity varies from 1kg to 70ton. it is the best choice for your metallurgical career.

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Copper /Brass/Bronze Melting Furnace

Crucible Copper/bronze Melting Furnace is widely used in the foundry, with the IGBT/KGPS Technology which is much energy saving& speedy melting.

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Crucible Aluminum furnace is the most commonly used non-ferrous metal today, Cooldo aluminum melting furnace is easy to casting aluminum at home,foundry..etc

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Metal Melting Furnace

Cooldo Provide Varies Kinds of Metal Melting Furnace, which are ideal solution for non-ferrous and ferrous metal melting,the melting capacity can varies from 1kg to 70 ton

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Steel Shell Induction Melting Furnace

Steel shell induction melting furnace is designed with the most advanced and up-to-date technology design among the furnace body. The Melting capacity range varies from 1 ~ 60 tons.

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Aluminum Shell Induction Melting Furnace

Aluminum Frame induction furnace comes with the most convenient and economical design among the furnace body.The Melting capacity range varies from 100 ~ 5000KG.

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Continuous Casting Machine

Steel Billet Continuous Casting Machine also called CCM which is an important equipment in the steel making industry, It can cast carbon steel, alloy steel and special steel..etc

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Rebar Rolling Mill

Rolling mill is mainly used in steel factory which produce deformed bar, wire rod, channel steel , flat bar or other products. Cooldo can provide the turnkey solution in steel making.

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Gold Melting Furnace

The gold furnace is designed for 1kg – 100kg non-ferrous metal melting, especially for precious metal melting like gold and silver.It is our patented designed furnace.

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Gold smelting furnace(Manual Tilting Type)

This Type gold smelting furnace is configured to melt different size,shape,and type of precious metal sample like gold,silver, copper, ..etc ,the melting capacity: 1-10kg

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Gold Melting Machine (Integrated Type)

The gold melting machine is suitable for 1-10kg. It is also workable for silver and other precious metal. this type mini portable gold melting machine is convenient to operate

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Silver Melting Furnace (Motor Tilting System)

Coold gold melting furnace with motor tilting system is designed for 30-50kg. which is suitable for melting and making the precious metal ingot like gold,silver,copper etc.

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Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnace

COOLDO Vertical pit type resistance heat treatment furnace is cycle production furnace for heating treatment the metal parts, and also almost furnace are round type and installed in the pit for easy loading and un-loading the products.

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Mesh Belt Furnace

COOLDO Mesh Belt Conveyor furnace are specifically designed to service for a wide range of heat treat, such as Hardening, Carburising, Carbonitriding, Washing, bright Annealing, Tempering, Isothermal Annealing and Stress Relieving.

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Car Bottom Furnace

COOLDO Car Bottom Furnaces is designed a load car to transfer the products into and out the furnace chamber on the rail mounted, which is an excellent solution to heat-treat the large and heavy welded fabrications.

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Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnace

COOLDO aluminum solution heat treat furnace is designed a work grid located on the platform from the bottom to the chamber which equipped with blower and pressurized ducts to ensure the temperature uniformity

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Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

COOLDO Vacuum induction melting Furnace is one of the most commonly used heat processes under the vacuum or inert gas atmosphere protetion for metal refining treatment.

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Vacuum induction suspension furnace

COOLDO Vacuum suspension furnace special used In industry are widely melting and casting the titanium, zirconium and its alloy.

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TL Tube Furnace

COOLDO TL tube furnace equipped with a alundum tube which served by the heating elements. The sealed chamber with air cooling system enables the temperatrue up to 1800 °C.

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Slide Track Furnace with PECVD System

COOLDO slide track furnace with PECVD system is the vacuum tube furnace system with slidable mechanism. This furnace is a new tool to make heating process in the market.

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Induction Heating Equipment

COOLDO Induction Heating Equipment offers a controllable and localized method of heat with very low cost to run and normally creates significant costs savings versus other traditional process heating technologies.

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Induction Reheating Furnace

COOLDO Billet Reheating Furnace is a non-standard furnace which can design and manufacture on basis of your requirements. And the oxidization ratio of rehearting furnace in o.5% which more less than the gas and fuel.

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Robot Automatic Hot Punching Press Production Line

COOLDO Hot Punching Press Production Line is a fully automatic machine for the production line of bolt and nuts, valve or other tools. The Punching machine use the high-tech robot to perform the replacement and installation of action, production efficiency and product quality are greatly improved.

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Induction Forging Equipment

COOLDO Metal forging and hot forming are excellent induction heating solutions with high efficiency and energy saving for manufacturing the metal product from the billet in the temperature 1100-1200℃.

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Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection system are used widely in different industry where require separate dust from flue gases. Cooldo provide various type to meet your requirement.

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Rectifier Transformer

Rectifier Transformer are used for rectifying the power, supply appropriate voltage to rectification system,such as furnace,electricity product,cooling system.

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Closed Circuit Water Cooling Tower

Cooldo cooling tower design with capacities from 5 to 300 tons/unit/hour. Space Saving,easy installation and maintenance, long service life.

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How Numbers Define Us,In The Last 5 Years


100+ Foundry


20+ steel Making Turnkey


500 Gold Melting Furnace


1000 Gold Tester


200 Metal Forming Project

Hear From Our Customer

Hear From Our Customer

Cooldo always make high quality finish and at a lower unit cost. We refining the gold from the gold ore with their furnace, we are very happy.

One phrase describes this company – “Steel Plant Project solver”. They’ve helped me to design the plant and make the turnkey system . I love this company and highly recommend it.

Hear From Our Customer
Hear From Our Customer

One 20Kg Gold Melting Indcution furnace and Precious Metal Tester were my first project with this company. No production problems, good services, better than my previous supplier. They fabricated high quality melting furnace at exceptional prices wit h excellent service. Surely will work with them in the long run.

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Quality make difference

COOLDO Always provide the strong supporting of Turnkey Solution for you.

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  • What is the feature of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer?

    High accuracy and precision,Non-destructively analysis,Fast testing. All liquid,solid and powder samples can be analyzed.

  • What is the requirement of the voltage of induction furnace?

    With the exception of Model HF15, our IGBT units are all single phase 180v – 245v with the basic requirement for other units being 3 phase 340v – 420v…

  • What is the difference between IGBT induction heating equipment and KGPS induction heating equipment?

    Usually the power supply of the IGBT is upto 160kw , it is more suitale for small workpiece brazing,welding, forging, and for small capacity non-ferrous metal melting, while the…

  • How could we procceed the installation and operation after purchase your machine,will you arrange the enginner aboard ?

    Our contract with you comes into effect within 15 days from the date of purchase and we will provide a layout and civils foundation drawing which should enable you…